Proposal Design, Writing, and Production

In order to make a proposal outstanding, you have to design and write and design a proposal that’s so engaging, your audience can’t help but read it from cover to cover. When that happens, your odds of making the short list increase astronomically.

Proposal development and production services include::

  • Proposal Management: Assistance with crafting a pitch from start to finish which incorporates the talents/experience/knowledge of your staff members
  • Content Development: Creation of facts, figures, charts, case studies, images, bios, references
  • Theme Generation: Development of an over-arching theme for the proposal, which helps tie everything together and makes the proposal more interesting to read. It can be a visual theme (a design treatment that reflects your company’s brand), a copywriting theme (a certain tone or a series of headlines), or a combination of both.
  • Copywriting: Creating and word-smithing responses in one voice throughout and ensuring that it’s as engaging as it is persuasive.
  • Design: Creating a proposal that looks as good as it sounds
  • Production: Management of all stages of production to make sure that proposals are perfectly printed, bound and packaged

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