Staging Stories

Laguna Honda Hospital Health and Rehabilitation Center - Staging Project

Laguna Honda Hospital Health and Rehabilitiation Center created a brand new facility that spanned 1.2 million square feet. Because the facility is a rehabiltation center and home for the aging, significant staging was required in order to make the brand new vacant facility look "lived in." Features such as the art studio, library, beauty shop, living rooms, gyms, and communal dining areas needed the assistance of props in order to get the intent of the space across in photography. Coordination of models was needed as well so that we could fill some of the expansive spaces with people. Logistical coordination was a challenge because we were shooting in the foggiest area of San Francisco, during the foggiest month, and the crew of people needed for the photoshoot needed to be accessible and ready to shoot at a moment's notice when the sun made an appearance. Photogrpahy by David Wakely.

UC Santa Cruz, Porter College Dormitories - Staging Project

Anshen+Allen Architects refurbished an existing dormitory building and added on a couple of stories for UC Santa Cruz, Porter College. Because they were only responsible for the interior architecture and not the interior design, much of the 15-year old dormitory furniture needed to be replaced temporarily for purposes of photography. Van Dyke Productions spearheaded the staging and production of this shoot, rented a U-Haul, and brought signficiant furniture and other props to the location for the shoot. Photography by Cesar Rubio.

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